The Struggle of Buying a Mattress for Your Kids

And not getting mad after they wet their new bed

August 24, 2014

We've all been there. Struggling day in and day out trying to find the perfect mattress for our kids. Should we get them a twin or a full? Are they really ready for a pillow top?

Taking kids to the mattress store can be a nightmare. Trying to make sure they don't jump up and down on the beds all the while having a mattress salesman telling you what you need.

Fooey, I don't want all that. So, after the last trip to mall, I put the little one, Jack to play with his toys while I decided to be a grown up Dad and find something online for him.

After Margaret passed, it has gotten hard to do the little things. She used to take care of all of these types of details, but now all on my own, I've had to "suck it up."

So, I found one of my favorite new sites, Slumber Search, which aggregates mattress reviews across the Internet. It may not sound like much, but boy did it make the confusion disappear. I was able to find the new Arctic Dreams mattress for Jack that wasn't going to break the bank.

The Buying Process

I found a whole bunch of mattress reviews on Slumber Search that showed me exactly what I needed. Afterwards, I went to Dreamfoam Bedding and paid for Jack's new mattress. I opted for the twin since it is the first real bed Jack is going to have.

At this point, the waiting game was on. But, it came just the very next week in an easy to assemble box. It was so perfect and easy for me to set up.

Get ready though -- this is a parenting story after all.

After I got Jack in his peejays for his first night in the new bed, I felt like I was at the top of the parenting stack. Buying mattresses online. Check. Not breaking the bank. Check. Being a super dad. Just wait.

The Pee Soaked Aftermath

All good things end in tears. This couldn't have been any more true as I awoke to the cries at my bedroom door. "What's up champ?" I groaned. Well, here he was soaked and I knew that the bed may never be the same. I have to be real here -- I was mad. But, I didn't yell and instead got all of the sheets off the bed as quickly as possible.

After some vinegar and baking soda, the bed seemed to be getting better. If it can get red wine out, it can definitely get out urine. Well, luckily for me the mattress seemed 'good as new' the next day and after he slept with me for the rest of the night, it seems like he is really a big kid now. Mission accomplished.


You really have to check out Slumber Search. It is a great resource if you are ever looking for a mattress. They also have great mattress reviews for kids.